07.13.24 - Evuk launches Official Video for Dead Again

07.11.24 - ANR is proud to introduce Evuk to the artist roster

07.09.24 - Skinprobe launches debut album Synthesized & Anesthetized on all digital platforms

07.08.24 - Chaos Frequency launches debut album Alien Transmissions on all digital platforms

07.07.24 - ANR launches new Merch page with t-shirts and more coming soon

07.06.24 - ANR launches Instagram page @ IG

04.11.13 - Skinprobe launches video playlist @ YouTube

02.27.13 - Godkomplex launches video for "Diminutive" from 2006 release of album Audial Apostasy

02.26.13 - Godkomplex launches video for "Not Human" from 2006 release of album Audial Apostasy

07.08.12 - ANR welcomes Pyro-Beatnik to the roster who merges world music with hard hitting drum & bass to create experiments in new genres of electronic music

06.06.12 - Godkomplex launches video for "Epidemic" from the 2003 re-release of their debut album World Below


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